3D specialist software engineer

Are you interested in working at an exciting startup that's set up to disrupt one of the largest industries using the latest in drone, imaging and machine learning technology?

AeroScan builds a platform for managing and interacting with 3d digital twin models of real estate assets. Our mission is to disrupt the real estate asset market and empower our customers with valuable insights through digital twin technology by scaling UAV mass data collection, AI analysis techniques and 3D cloud deliverables. We have solid industry partners and have acquired private equity and EU funding to develop and realise our vision.

We are hiring software engineers, specifically we are looking for a 3D specialist who can help us empower our Javascript (Cesium based) 3D asset inspection tools, as well as work on our information processing pipelines that employ tools to generate highly detailed textured 3D meshes and point clouds and machine learning to anonymize, detect and segment elements in our continuous incoming flow of high resolution UAV aerial imagery data.

Experience we would like to see:

Don't worry if a few of those points are missing from your repertoire, if you are interested in developing these skills then we are interested in having you on board.

You will be working with a small development team currently based in Amsterdam but that might relocate to somewhere else in the Randstad. We work in the office most days but are fine with you working from home some days in the week. We believe in giving you the liberty to make your own technical decisions so you can be happy and productive and we can deliver the best product to our clients. 

If you are interested in one of these roles please contact us at tinco@aeroscan.nl